hard drive

Formatting a hard drive is erasing all the data in it. It is necessary to format a drive when the need arises, (for example; when your hard drive files have been affected by a virus and it has caused great damage to your Hard drive).  When you format your hard drive, you can clean both internal external storage files as well.

The following simple step-by-step technical procedure will show you how you can format a hard drive using the command prompt. As it was mentioned before this procedure erases all data on your hard drive so you need to backup all available data to prevent data loss.


  1. Click on the Windows icon on your computer
  2. type the word cmd and press Enter
  3. Results will pop up, right-click on the command prompt and click on run as administrator
  4. When command prompt window appears, type diskpart then press enter
  5. When it brings the result, then type list disk and press Enter, it will now list the disks you have on your computer.
  6. Choose the disk you want to format by typing select disk (disk number) then press Enter
  7. When the disk is selected, then type clean and press Enter,  the disk will be successfully cleaned.
  8. Then type create partition primary and press Enter
  9. When the specified partition is created, then format the drive with FAT or NTFS file system by typing format fs=ntfs then press Enter
  10. Assign a drive letter by typing assign, then press Enter

Your disk has formatted successfully