How To Fix Water Damaged Phone in 5 Simple Steps

It happens sometimes that you found your mobile phone fell inside water. Water contains charged ions that can conduct electricity. When your phone fell inside water, don’t try to press the switch button or switch it on in any way. So, it will not supply charges wrongly throughout the components of the phone. Avoid shaking the phone also as to avoid the spread of the water across the components.

You should not plug your phone into a charger to avoid your phone getting damaged completely. Because, when you plug in the charger into your phone, it connects components inside your phone and get your it crashed. 

When it happens that your phone fell inside water, follow the procedures below.


  1. Remove the cell battery and the SIM card of the water damaged phone immediately
  2. Lose the panel of the mobile phone with screwdrivers
  3. Dry it with the sunlight.
  4. If it has been long the phone has fallen in the water or it fell inside a liquid other than water, get a toothbrush with methylated spirit or undiluted petrol, then brush the panel thoroughly but slightly to avoid the removal of components from the board, then dry the panel with sunlight or rework station with light heat. Have you done that and the phone has dried? Then proceed to step 5
  5. Lastly, couple the phone and insert the battery. Try to check the terminal of the battery and make sure that it is dried and cleaned. Then switch on the phone.

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