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How To Set Up Donations On Twitch

How To Set Up Donations On Twitch?

Linking PayPal to Streamlabs

Link PayPal with streamlabs to accept donations and get alerts when you get said donations.
Click edit panels and then add a new board. Then you need to choose and add a text or image panel, and here we can put the panel title if you want a label to show, or you can add an image.
Now go ahead and find a donation image and add it. So click add image and add a donation panel from the valiant free overlay pack available at
Now you have the spot called image links; this is where you would put your donation link. Once you set it up, we’re going to keep it like that; we’re going to click submit to see what it looks like, and then we’ll click on edit panels again to see the result.
So there will be a donation panel then you need to go to
Once you’re there, you want to log in, and we will log in with our Twitch account.
You want to find your donation settings on your dashboard, so you can look around to see it, but you can click on this search bar, and the first thing that pops up is donation settings.
If it doesn’t pop up, type in donation settings and then click on it will bring you to another page.

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Donations Settings

So now that you are in donation settings, you have two options. When it comes to PayPal, you have the usual PayPal. This is integration.
It connects your PayPal to Streamlabs, and then you have PayPal Legacy. You need to enter your PayPal email, and then you will be able to choose any of them, but the simplest one of them, though, of course, is the PayPal email.
So now you enter your PayPal email right and then click submit. So let’s click on edit panels and find the panel and image links to paste that.
Click on it, and let’s turn edit panels off. Now we have a clickable link, but that’s not going to work because there’s a minor bug with Twitch.
It just brings you to one completely free website. You do not need to make that; it’s just a free website version.
Once you have the PayPal email entered, then click on it. You can connect to customize it, or you can click on it.
It should bring you to that tip page. So you can immediately type your name in the nation message here, and then the money will be sent to your PayPal directly.

Alert Settings

After submitting, put on, go there, and back to stream labs.
Now go to alert settings. Go to warn box settings, and this is where you are going to talk about dealers.
Click on donation, and now you will have the general donation alert settings.
Directly you can send the test and do many variations depending on the amount and stuff.
It is very flexible to make modifications.

The Stream lab app

Many console streamers may think I don’t use a PC for this stream, so I can’t have donation alerts, but the cool thing is that streamlabs has an app that you can install further on your phone and tablet.
And through the app, you can see the donation, so you can plug in your phone and leave the stream labs app open. Once you get a gift, you will get the alert that way, you can think about whoever donated, and it works for, you know, followers, subscribers, and stuff like that, so a tablet or a phone, you definitely can use that as your alerts.

Are turning donations good?

As you know, what’s happening in real-time, the stream is more interactive. So technically, that’s how you create your donation set up on Twitch . So it’s a link that goes in your stream labs, and then the streamlabs link goes on your panel, and that’s it off, of course, of course, add the alert to your stream.
When we come to live to stream, for some reason, some people say that they do not have a donation panel because they don’t want to seem greedy.
But the thing is, Twitch viewers are used to making donations in general. Onstream means that a stream that does not have a donation panel is a stream that has less interaction and more minor possible interactions than other streams.
It increases audience engagement to a much wider extent.
At the same time, it also helps in the channel’s growth. So there are no such issues or negative impacts in setting up donations.
It is highly recommended and used by the majority of streamers.

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Concluding Words

Some people may take a moral high ground by saying I don’t do this for the money, but as a viewer, one will enjoy triggering alerts and having the streamer react to those alerts.
Like any other features, donations are also widely used and help establish the channel.
Still, if you do not want to accept the money, that’s fine, but something you can do is, for example, you know, receive money and give it to charity.
Of course, writing paragraphs that people know the money goes to charity, but not having donations on your stream is not a good thing, even though it might seem like a twitch viewer or a certain standard of the interaction of all of your panels.
There’s only one that people can click and have something happen on stream, and that’s your donation, of course.
If you have a sub panel, but you know live streaming is all about interaction, and donation is an interaction.