Best PC Gamer Boosters for a Flawless Gaming Experience

February 25, 2023 | by Taofeeq

Best PC Gamer Boosters for a Flawless Gaming Experience

If you are looking for a way to improve your PC gaming experience, then look no further than these 7 best PC gamer boosters! Enjoy smoother frames and faster loading times, as well as infinite fun, with these top boosters for gaming on your PC.

Improve Your RAM

Upgrade your RAM (random access memory) to increase your system’s caching capacity and enhance gaming or processor-heavy activities. With extra RAM, you will be able to open multiple programs at once without worrying about stalling your gaming performance. When selecting a RAM card, consider its compatibility with your system’s hardware and its clock speed (how quickly it transfers data). It is recommended that gamers choose at least 8GB of RAM for optimal performance. RAM and other storage are also game boosters

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Overclock Your Processor

Overclocking is a technique used to increase the clock speed of your processor, generally for gaming purposes. This works by manipulating processor settings so that it runs faster than the specified speed by your computer’s manufacturer. However, it’s important to note that overclocking should be done with extreme caution; if done incorrectly, it can cause serious hardware and software related damage. Consider having a certified technician install and set up an overclock to get the best performance from your games without putting your system at risk.

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Install a Solid State Drive (SSD)

Installing a Solid State Drive (SSD) is the easiest, most effective PC gamer booster you can buy. Unlike regular hard disk drives, solid state drives have no moving parts; they use flash memory to store data and are much faster than their spinning-disc counterparts. An SSD should drastically reduce the time it takes your computer to boot up and load games, leading to a much smoother gaming experience.

Upgrade your Graphics Card

If you’re looking for maximum graphics performance, upgrading your GPU is the way to go. GPUs are responsible for rendering images and videos and provide an immense boost in performance compared to integrated solutions. Look for a high-end card with plenty of VRAM for enhanced visuals and better gaming performance, but be sure to check your motherboard’s available PCIe slots first so that you can choose a compatible model.

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Cool off your system by installing additional Fans or a better Cooler/Liquid Cooling

Excessive heat buildup within your gaming PC can lead to slowdown in both performance and graphics. Installing additional case fans and even a liquid cooling system is a great way to keep temperatures low and help your gaming hardware last longer. If you’re looking for more efficiency, GPU overclocking tools like EVGA Precision X are excellent ways to get the most out of your hardware.

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Install Best Game Boosters Software For PC Players

Are you looking to get the most out of your PC gaming experience? Optimizing your computer with a game boosters can help you improve your graphics, reduce lags, and boost overall performance. Here are five of the best game boosters available on the market.

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Razer Cortex Game Booster.

Razer Cortex Game Booster is a powerful software solution designed to optimize your PC gaming experience. It comes with a host of features such as Boost, which temporarily shuts down unnecessary applications and processes to boost performance; Frame Rate Target Control, which allows the user to set a maximum frame rate for their games; AutoBoost, which detects games when you launch them and automatically optimizes settings for improved performance; and lots more.

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Wise Game Booster.

Wise Game Booster is another excellent game booster software designed to optimize the performance of your PC. It offers numerous features such as Boost, which allows you to quickly shut down unnecessary programs and processes to free up more memory, Refresh, which closes all background applications and clears the RAM so that old games can run faster, and SpeedUp, which automatically adjusts hardware settings like clock speed and fan speeds for smoother game performance.

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IObit Game Booster.

IObit Game Booster is one of the best game booster software available for PC gamers. This software works to improve your gaming performance by closing non-essential processes, freeing up system resources, and optimizing internet speeds. It can also display a real-time report of your computer’s physical memory status so that you can view any possible bottlenecks or slowdowns. What’s more, it has support for a variety of game platforms like Steam, GOG Galaxy, Origin, Uplay and Epic games.

Boost and boost! Ultimate Performance Mode Software

If you are looking for an extreme performance boost, then Boost and Boost! Ultimate Performance Mode Software is the perfect game booster software for you. It automatically shuts down any potential programs or processes that might slow your PC down while gaming. This software also boosts download and upload speeds, optimizing the way data is sent to and received from gaming servers so that you can play with fewer delays or lag. What’s more, it also increases frames per second by disabling unnecessary graphic functions.

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Game Fire 6 Professional Edition.

Game Fire 6 Professional Edition is another great gaming booster software option. It offers everything that you need to maximize your hardware and make your games run at the highest possible level of performance. It includes over 20 tweaks, allowing you to customize settings such as processor priority, affinities, and thermal control. Additionally, it automatically updates drivers so that you can have the latest version and achieve peak performance with no downtime or glitches. Furthermore, this software supports cloud-based game optimization and lets you easily share games across devices without any problems.


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