10 Foolproof Strategies For Increasing Followers On Instagram

January 23, 2023 | by Taofeeq

10 Foolproof Strategies For Increasing Followers On Instagram

Are you looking to make the most of your Instagram account? With our comprehensive strategy guide, you’ll quickly discover how to attract more followers, create content that stands out, and use social media analytics to measure success.

Maximize Your Instagram Profile and Page.

As with any social media platform, your Instagram profile and page are critical components of growing your following. Take some time to make sure your profile is complete by adding a photo, writing a short bio about yourself or your business, and linking to other social media profiles. Additionally, create an aesthetically pleasing page design that clearly displays all the content you want to promote. Utilize creative visuals like text overlays and captions to capture readers’ attention and help bring your posts to life!

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Know Your Audience and Speak Their Language.

Knowing your audience is not only necessary for effective marketing, but for growing your follower base as well. You need to find out who is following you and what they are interested in. What kind of content excites them? What kind of language do they use? Once you understand those things, you can create content tailored specifically to them which will increase engagement. Additionally, use hashtags that have already garnered attention from your target audience which allows you to reach potential customers and adds more visibility to your posts.

Post Strategic Content.

If you want to quickly grow your Instagram following, strategically select your content to ensure it resonates with your target audience. Encourage user interaction by asking questions and offering giveaways or contests that inspire users to share and engage with your posts. Additionally, it’s important to be consistent in the types of content you post—tailor posts based on key insights from analytics data so you can create messaging that speaks more directly to the wants and needs of your current followers.

Utilize Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories can provide a great opportunity to increase user interaction and visibility. Use stories to do giveaways and polls, show sneak peeks of upcoming products or blog posts, or ask your followers fun questions that inspire creative answers. By staying active on stories, you’ll create an opportunity for more organic user engagement and build loyalty with your current following.

Leverage User-Generated Content and Reposts.

User-generated content is a great way to increase your reach and followers as it creates an authentic, shared experience between you and your customers. Encouraging customers to post pictures of themselves engaging with your product or service can help spread awareness about your brand, as well as give current followers a glimpse into what potential customers are saying about you. Additionally, reposting user-generated content can show your recognition and appreciation for those who use or support your product or service. This helps foster loyalty among both existing and potential customers.

Leverage Live Video Content and Live Shopping Sessions.

Live video content is a great way to engage your followers with fresh and timely content. Use live videos to do Q&As, host product demos, do behind-the-scenes tours of your business, or share inspirational motivation with viewers. Take advantage of newer eCommerce features and host Live Shopping Sessions where you can show off products and answer any product questions in real-time. Live Shopping Sessions also drive more sales through Instagram by providing viewers with direct links to purchase items.

Participate in Engagement Pods or Exchange Groups

Participating in engagement pods or exchange groups can help boost your reach and grow your following quickly. Engagement pods are private conversations between like-minded accounts, such as entrepreneurs or fellow photographers, who want to support each other by sharing and commenting on each other’s posts. When you enter a pod, members agree to leave likes and comments on each other’s posts in order to build up their engagement rates. This helps increase the reach of posts and followers organically.

Get Verified.

To increase your credibility and appear more legitimate to potential followers, you should consider the process of getting verified. Verification shows viewers that you are a real person or account, which increases their trust in your posts and can lead to an uptick in follows and engagement. Assuming you meet Instagram’s guidelines for verification (maintaining a legitimate public profile, being active on the platform, having a complete bio/profile picture etc.), take an extra step and apply to get verified today!

Use Branded Hashtags to Help Track Content and Monitor Engagement.

Using branded hashtags is an effective way to track user-generated content shared about your product or service, as well as monitor customer engagement. Branded hashtags are a great way to build your brand’s presence on social media and make it easy for people to find relevant posts related to your product. It also creates an avenue for potential customers to get acquainted with your company and participate in the conversation around your brand.

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Use Influencers to Expand Reach and Find New Followers.

Utilizing influencers can be one of the most effective methods for expanding your reach and gaining more followers. Look to partner with influencers who share content related to your niche, such as fashion bloggers, health & wellness gurus, beauty experts, lifestyle vloggers, etc. Partnering with influencers will allow potential followers within their own audience to experience your brand’s message and potentially follow you.


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