How do new Microsoft Technologies Affect Companies?

December 25, 2022 | by Taofeeq

How do new Microsoft Technologies Affect Companies

We live in times of transformation. Probably the fastest and deepest technological transformation that has occurred in the entire history of humanity. Some changes that come, above all, from the hand of technology, understood in its broadest sense: in the field of production, management, and communication.

But how do new technologies affect companies?

Well, let’s start with the obvious, the impact of new technologies on companies is indisputable and essential. SMEs or large companies, whatever the sector they are dedicated to, there is no company that does not experience the consequences of the incorporation of new Microsoft technologies. The aspect in which they are most affected is that of competitiveness, which significantly improves in those companies that are capable of integrating these new tools.

Obviously, what is interesting from an entrepreneur’s perspective is to make the most of these technologies to their advantage and minimize their possible negative effects. And, for that, a minimum knowledge of this new field is essential, as we are going to analyze.

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How do Microsoft technologies influence the company?

Microsoft technologies such as social networks, the cloud, the smartphone, or big data are the ones that stand out when we talk about the impact of new technologies on companies. Its implementation in society is so broad and transversal that it was impossible for it not to affect companies. And not in one, but in multiple areas is where you see how technology influences the company. These are the most significant:


Basically improving time management and access to information for more workers. Let’s give an example that will clarify this point a lot: an instrument like the cloud allows the storage of infinite amounts of reports, documents, or programs.
Any employee who needs it has access to this data at the touch of a click. Fewer procedures do not imply less security, thanks to access limitations due to confidentiality issues or others that can be installed. All this will improve the efficiency of the processes and, therefore, the productivity of the company will increase considerably.

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Expansion and internationalization

There are no borders in the digital world, or at least not as rigid or insurmountable as the physical ones are for many entrepreneurs. The Internet facilitates contact and communication with countries and markets that until now were inaccessible, especially for SMEs.
Not only to expand the market but also to share knowledge or find possible partners in any corner of the world that allow the business internationalization of any business.

Influence on conciliation

There is no doubt that this is one of its greatest impacts in the world of work, the fact that workers can carry out part of their work from home, adjusting the schedules to their personal or family needs. An aspect that has only begun to emerge, among other things because it is being shown that this flexibility has a very positive impact on productivity.

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Client/company relations

The term feedback is closely linked to direct communication, face to face, that new Microsoft technologies facilitate between companies and the recipients of their services or products. Immediately and without intermediaries, you can know the reception among users, and you can exchange opinions. This closeness builds consumer loyalty, who feel a part of that company.

These are only a part of the matters in which it is denoted how Microsoft technologies influence the company. It implies, of course, an investment both in equipment and in the training of workers. But the new technologies are here not as a circumstantial phenomenon, they have come to stay. Entrepreneurs and businessmen should keep in mind this: how do new technologies affect companies? Because it is your present and future.


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