Internet phone services; why are businesses opting for VOIP or cloud technology?

November 29, 2022 | by Taofeeq

Internet phone services; why are businesses opting for VOIP or cloud technology


The answer is simple and straight. VoIP is integrated with excellent features at affordable costs. Depending upon the service provider you opt for, plans, call rates and features differ.

Coming to the title of our article, one of the common features delivered by almost all VOIP companies is a conference call that helps to connect your employees residing across the globe. Indeed, the major point to focus on by the companies is to maintain stable and reliable internet connection.

More about VoIP:

Voice over Internet Protocol is the name of the Internet-based phone service (VoIP) that is being sent over internet connections rather than over traditional phone lines.

It was incorporated for commercial usage in the 1990s. Since then, both its popularity and technology have substantially increased, where the user complaints that VoIP sound quality wasn’t as good as it was over a landline have long since disappeared.

Price cuts or huge savings:

Cost savings is a benefit of VoIP that any business may appreciate, as you can install many phone lines before the costs rise. You must prefer this if your business frequently makes long-distance calls.

The conversation data is transformed into data packets and supplied over the IP network, solving the issue of just two callers being able to use a single phone line. Any present internet connection, a direct IP connection to any phone service provider, or a mix of both might be considered an IP network.

Traditional phone lines typically charge per minute for call time, unlike VoIP, which only requires monthly ISP expenses. Several service providers offer affordable or even free calling to overseas numbers.

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HD call quality:

Because modern VoIP networks use cutting-edge high-definition codecs to produce HD audio, they sound even better than landline networks.

Streamlined equipment:

Due to the cloud and enhanced audio quality, VoIP is becoming a more appealing option for small businesses. Instead of running specific lines and installing specialized equipment, businesses that choose a cloud-hosted VoIP phone service

Despite the technology’s advancement and comparably low prices, firms still need to do their research before making a choice.

Affordable software and hardware:

One of the financial benefits of VoIP technology is the minimal cost of the hardware and software required to run the system. The best service providers continuously ensure that their clients have the newest hardware and software. Further cost savings may occur from businesses not having to purchase their technology and phones.

It works with every mobile device:

Cloud Phone services use your internet capability to make calls. It is easy to use service on any internet-capable device. Due to this, VoIP solution most likely has an app that lets you make calls from a smartphone, laptop, or even tablet.

So, work from anywhere with an internet connection and it’s likely that many individuals will continue working from home, if not fully, given that the majority of people have been forced to do so due to the coronavirus pandemic in the recent past.

In this approach, the business won’t lose a beat even if employees and clients cannot be seen personally. Even though the teams are not physically there, they are nevertheless able to function successfully and efficiently thanks to these tools. How Do I Control Netflix Data Usage

Connects across the globe:

As we previously mentioned, a lot of business VoIP providers offer unlimited international calling as part of their business phone plans. We won’t discover the same with a typical PSTN phone service provider. It is an essential tool for businesses that work with clientele from various nations. However, for those without unlimited coverage, calls to most of the world only cost a few cents per minute.

Conference Calls:

By removing the need for dedicated phone lines, conferencing is substantially facilitated. With a standard phone system, you can hold a conference call but must pay extra and cannot take any number of calls simultaneously. These features are frequently built-in to converged data networks, and the cost is already accounted for in the lower price of the VoIP service that businesses are already purchasing.

More than just voice calls:

VoIP also makes video conferencing much easier, which is an additional benefit because we can share various materials, such as photographs, videos, and text, during phone or video chats to dramatically increase the capacity for providing presentations or rapidly resolving issues.

Worldwide Reach:

More businesses are coming to understand the benefits of enabling workers to work from home in exchange for smaller offices, cheaper utilities, etc. The benefits of VoIP that allow their personnel to telecommute so successfully are taught to them that enables remote access to the office’s phone, fax, and data services for your employees over the intranet.

Users can now join from distant locations and home offices due to advances in VoIP technology additionally, an employee’s employee number follows them when they relocate to a new home office.

Greater Use of Available Bandwidth:

It optimizes the utilization of your current bandwidth, which is one of its less well-known benefits and makes better use of your resources. VoIP constantly fills the blanks with data from other bandwidth users and makes it possible to cut and remove extraneous speech, increasing efficiency even more.

Numerous Bonus Elements:

Many businesses need to be made aware of all the benefits and extra features that a VoIP service offers so connect a variety of devices using VoIP systems for any business to operate as efficiently as possible.

VoIP systems usually contain caller ID, virtual numbers, contact lists, voicemail, and other capabilities, but they can all be utilized in more sophisticated ways to boost operational effectiveness.

Because the service is versatile, it creates VoIP services that are customized to the individual organization’s requirements, and the packages that various providers offer come with various features.

IP-based faxing is an illustration:

One of the extra benefits of VoIP is that most VoIP providers offer Fax over IP as a part of their services. It can eliminate major costs related to long-distance faxing while improving device compatibility and service dependability.

Data packets are once more employed to transmit fax information, substantially enhancing the efficiency of sending and receiving faxes without a fax machine.

Better Communications:

Keeping your team reachable is crucial whether they work remotely from the office, home, or anywhere else in the world. Set up a single call to ring on your desk phone and then, if no one answers, the same call can be answered on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It is one of the most exciting aspects of VoIP. As a result, critical calls are returned more frequently and less time is spent talking on the phone or checking voicemail.

Very Dependable:

One of the most common criticisms about VoIP is that a business would lose its phone service if there were an internet outage. If an office phone goes offline due to a lack of network, calls can be forwarded to mobile phones and other devices, suggesting that other threats, such as inclement weather and power outages, are no longer a concern.

Ease of Setup, Configuration, and Maintenance:

VOIP or cloud technology
VOIP or cloud technology

One of our favorite aspects of VoIP is how straightforward IP phone setup is, especially for those without any technical expertise. There is no need for experts to run phone connections around the office. In contrast, IP phones are essentially plug-and-play devices.

Hosted VoIP software also makes it incredibly easy to add new users. A web portal makes it much easier to transfer, add, or change the system’s settings. Due to its inherent simplicity, maintenance is straightforward and rarely requires a specialist’s help. How to Download Facebook video on All Devices


Compared to extremely efficient business systems that scale with the needs of the organization, traditional phone systems are significantly more difficult to expand. One of the advantages of VoIP is scalability, which increases productivity and efficiency while lowering expenses. When you hire a new employee, they let you add a line; when your company wants to shrink, delete a line.


Finally, if you run a small business, we suggest one of the leading firms, Vitel Global India, providing all the above-mentioned benefits and is also integrated with the powerful features on the phone:

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